22 Year-Old Hero Halts Worldwide RansomWare Virus “WannaCry”

This weekend we saw the most devastating coordinated world-wide attack on hospitals and health institutions that has ever been experienced, in the form of a malicious virus that encrypts the contents of a computer system and then holds its ransom, demanding payment, usually in the form of a Crytocurrency such as Bitcoin. Until such payment is delivered, the user’s computer is locked. In Friday’s attack, NIH Health Clinics and Hospitals all over the UK were struck by the ransomware attack, which then spread out to non-health related industries such as Nissan and Renault. Over 150,000 systems became infected until the attack was thwarted by a 22 year-old British cyber security expert.

Lego Has an Entire Site to Let Fans Share Ideas and Creations

Let’s face it. Legos are among the greatest toys ever built, by any kid’s standards and by every breathing Adult. They foster creativity and imagination, lets kids explore their sense of design and approach to construction, and plus, they make…

New Justice League Funko Pops

3 months before the DC Comics/Warner Brothers Justice League movie comes out, our favorite pop culture retailer has come out with their own signature versions of the members of The Justice League. The mini highly stylized figures will consist of Batman , Wonder Wiman, Aqua Man, The Flash, Cyborg, and of course, Superman.

A veritable cornucopia of riches

As a lifelong committed nerd, I have sacrificed literally years of my life consuming television and movies in the Science Fiction and Fantasy genre. I was present when Star Wars first appeared on screen in 1977, and was raised on…