DC Comics Batmobile With Bendable Figures

This timeless classic is a full replica of the Television Series Batmobile car, designed George Barris. As a child you wanted this car, and now you can own it! Comes with bendable Batman and Robin figures and is packaged for…

Funko Pop! Wonder Woman

Just in time for the upcoming movie from Warner Brothers and DC Comics comes the much anticipated Wonder Woman Funko Pop! Vinyl figure with sword. Be sure to collect all the members of the famous Justoce League also. Look out…

New Justice League Funko Pops

3 months before the DC Comics/Warner Brothers Justice League movie comes out, our favorite pop culture retailer has come out with their own signature versions of the members of The Justice League. The mini highly stylized figures will consist of Batman , Wonder Wiman, Aqua Man, The Flash, Cyborg, and of course, Superman.

Batman: The Animated Series

You know the story: Wealthy man avenges his parents’ murder by becoming a justice wielding vigilante of the night dressed as a bat. But you’ve never seen it like this. Batman: The Animated Series is considered the Gold Standard of animated story-telling and is hailed the world over as a masterful retelling of the icon origin story. These aren’t just cartoons, they’re cinematic creations crafted for intelligent people who also happen to be the biggest fans in the world.

Mark Hamill is the Ambassador to the Nation of Cool

In the land of my people, Homo Nerdist, Mark Hamill is a Prince, a Royal, A fierce leader in all things amazing, cool and quintessentially nerd. Even though he may not have had a blockbuster Hollywood career like Harrison Ford, he has always been busy, lending his voice talents in the service of all things fandom. It turns out, besides Luke Skywalker, he’s known for another arguably just as famous character: The Joker.