Mark Hamill is the Ambassador to the Nation of Cool

In the land of my people, Homo Nerdist,  Mark Hamill is a Prince, a Royal, A fierce leader in all things amazing, cool and quintessentially nerd. Even though he may not have had a blockbuster Hollywood career like Harrison Ford, he has always been busy, lending his voice talents in the service of all things fandom. It turns out, besides Luke Skywalker, he’s known for another arguably just as famous character: The Joker.

While playing the Joker is nothing to sneeze at, the majority of his fans definitely worship him for the whispy-haired fair youngster they fell in love with all those years ago. But it must be acknowledged that for most of his career he was a voice actor, with the exception of those years he filmed the 3 Star Wars movies. The Joker from the Batman Animated Series in 1992 is just one of dozens of characters he’s played over the years. Take a look at his CV.

Here’s to you, Mr Hamill. I raise a light saber to you in honor of your place amongst the stars.

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