New Justice League Funko Pops

3 months before the DC Comics/Warner Brothers Justice League movie comes out, our favorite pop culture retailer has come out with their own signature versions of the members of The Justice League. The mini highly stylized figures will consist of Batman , Wonder Wiman, Aqua Man, The Flash, Cyborg, and of course, Superman.

Funko Pop! is known the world over for not only their cute and inventive styling of our favorite pop culture characters, but with having acquired the largest intellectual property portfolio of any company in their field. When attending any Comics or sci-fi convention such as ComicCon and DragonCon you can see their vast selection being sold by dozens of vendors, with some of the most esoteric and hysterical choices made in their choice of subject matter. In some cases the joke maybe a bit “inside baseball” bit in all cases they are fully committed to the design concept.

Check out the line-up on the DC Comics blog and while you’re at it, look at Funko’s catalog on their site. Be sure to bring your funny bone

SOURCE: DC Comics Blog


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